Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving Again, Changing Always

We moved into our new condo and moved our horses to their new stalls (actually Blu was moved yesterday). Faith and I are sharing a king bed that has a window that over looks a garden where two bears sleep at night. We have yet to see them for ourselves, but we are determined.

It was a bit overwhelming re-unpacking all my stuff, but now I'm all settled in. We (Dani, Faith, Rachel, Suzy, Anna, Michael, and I) sat down and laid down the "condo rules". It felt good to openly talk about that stuff so we are set up for successful cohabitation. There was a period of vegging and unwinding.

Blu left the tack room from his ground tie this morning. It was funny because there was an obvious difference between the reactions of the old and new students. The old ones completely relaxed while the new ones came running to "help." Of course Blu is not ever in the way of avoiding being caught, so he was snapped up by a new student. Hehehe.

I met Katya, the new leaser of Dakota, Debbie's horse from the last Fast Track. I miss Debbie, but Katya is also very kind and soft.

Anna will be working on the horse health team, so that will also be different. I am so excited for her. I need to bring my scores higher to qualify for scholarships, so I am completely emotionally fit about not working.

I am hoping to get a few nibbles for paintings, though! I need to make money because I am running out fast. I have a free painting lined up, but hopefully I can make prints of it and sell them. Also, my family is prepared to help me ship prints from home.

Suzy treated us all to a delicious dining experience at Ramon's, a super authentic Mexican restaraunt. I had a taco grande, chocolate milk, flan, and DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM. It was delicious. All of it. It was Emily's birthday, a volunteer. Shannon and Dave were also there. We had so much fun.

We all watched Unknown, a Liam Neesan. It was super cool; a great movie about owning the choices in your life and choosing your path.

Well, now it's time to go to bed, prepared for Day One of my second fast track.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dinner at Jim's

16 seconds in the trailer before Blu got food.

We went on a trail ride with Jim, Anna, Faith, and Sandi. Blu had to be whacked by Faith a lot for crowding, but he was so relaxed and calm. The ride was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.

In the evening, Jim invited us over to his condo along with the other students staying in the neighboring condos. It was a lovely dinner and evening. I showed them some of my art on Parelli Connect; maybe someday some of them will want a piece.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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