Thursday, June 30, 2011


In the morning, we let the horses out into an arena to stretch their legs. Kristie was up and making pancakes for us. In the daylight, I could see just how lovely her place is. The views were amazing.

Kristie's hospitality did not end with the stalls, hay, water, beds, shower, meals, unpacking and packing; she gave Anna and me each a brand new bottle of Pirhana Fly Spray and she gave me a Parelli Natural Hackamore. She is a very special woman and I can't believe that we were so fortunate to meet her.

The horses loaded fine and we got on the road by 8 am and Kristie led us to the hiway. We were going to Colorado, but first we had to get through the entire state of Nebraska. We stopped for lunch and gas at a Subway. There we learned that Anna may have lost  something very important. We decided that when we got to Colorado, we'd unpack and search the truck for it.

Nebraska is quite flat. There is not really much else to say. We quizzed each other on theory, got to know each other better, and listened to music. That about sums up the Nebraska part.

Then we entered Colorado! A huge storm was just to the right of us and it was creating great buffeting winds that shook the truck. Our stuff was safely tucked under the tarp, but the rain did not hit us. The wind was a little daunting, though, and I was driving.

We were almost to 3-Star Parelli Professional Julia Ryman-Bell's house when we stopped at a gas station. I picked out a few post cards and we used the gas station's snow removal shovels to pick up the horse poop that they left.

As the rain cleared up, I was looking out over the horizon when I realized that some of those shapes were distant mountains, not clouds!

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