Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Seven: Quiet Time

Official Records Information:
30 minutes

I took my director's chair out into the North pasture (Misty's pasture) and set up in the middle. It was an ugly drizzling mist in the cold air, so I couldn't take a book with me. I set my cell phone to go off in 30 minutes and began to stare down the woods. After 30 seconds, Misty came over to me. I gave her the rest of an apple that I had started for lunch and had been in the cup holder of my chair (fancy!). She spent 15 minutes with her nose on me, probably hoping another apple would come out of me. She was very mouthy, but I just properly protected my space. She also took some time between searching to push on my chair and to just stand with me. It is interesting how much she was hanging around me compared to last night, when I was in a round pen. I wonder if she was put off by Blu's presence? Blu almost always spends his entire quiet time with me, so maybe next time I will have quiet time with the two of them in the big pasture.

She lost interest and wandered around the pasture until the last 30 seconds, when she came back and checked me out as I packed up. I talked with my friend, who was playing with Conner online, then went back to the barn.

Official Records Information:
20 minutes

In the barn, I was going to just leave my chair and go inside the house to warm up, but I changed my mind and went to the stalls to let Blu in. In the stall, I just groomed him and danced to the Christmas music. He was in a strange stall, so he was content to clean up scraps of hay. When he was all brushed up, I began to work on teaching him to lift his hooves when I snapped my finger. Toward the end, when he started to understand that the snapping was the prelude to the pinching of the chestnut, he began to nip at his knee (not my finger, which was funny). I quit when he lifted his leg at the snap. I only worked on the front left hoof today.

Today was a good day for both horses. I was surprised that Misty was so inquisitive and was engaged for such a long time after yesterday ignoring me the entire time.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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