Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day Six: Two Grazing Horses

Official Records Information:
Misty and Blu
30 minutes

Today, I knew I would not have much time with the horses, and I wanted to evaluate their want to be with me levels. I decided to have a quiet time with both of them in the round pen. Our pen is 45' in diameter and lightly sprinkled with tiny blades of grass. My two left brain introverts loved it, as hard as it must have been as far as prehension goes.

The session started out with catching them and getting them into the round pen. Misty was at the center gait (between the North and South pastures) and I just let her into the South pasture so I could get her later. Then, I opened up the gate to the round pen and Blu came out to meet me. I let him stand with me and greet me for a bit before pointing to the gate. I had nothing as far as a means to yield them with except for my hand and energy, which is what I used when he turned to the gate but kept turning around. I sent him on through the spin again, and after he was lined up, I pulled him on the mane toward the gate. He finally got it and cooperated. He went straight to "grazing" and waited in there while I got Misty.

Misty had gone to the indoor-outdoor stall/shelter, which has a window so the horses can look out that or the door. I called her out, and I could see her listening to me, but she chose to ignore. I went in and yielded her hind quarters, then lead her by the mane to the round pen. Usually, she is not so easily lead by the mane, but today, she was really a dream about that. Her expression was pleasant, too. I think she was looking forward to checking out the round pen.

I sat on a barrel in the middle and sang songs to keep myself busy until my horse friend showed up and started talking to me. That gave me a good thing to focus on besides the horses. Blu hung around for most of the time. I tried (and succeeded in) pushing the barrel I was sitting on. He was very interested in what the heck I was doing. Misty just ate and ate.

Today was a good, relaxing day. It was nice to discover that my horses have retained their lead by the mane lessons. Also, it was good to see that Misty wanted to be with the grass more than me. On the other hand, Blu was very inquisitive and it was good to know that he found me so interesting!

So, that is about all for today, as it was such a short period of time!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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