Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Catch Up Post

Thursday, December 23 2010:
Blu, Evening, 45 minutes
I bridled Blu from my knees with maple syrup on the bit. When I mounted from the sistern, I used my glove to position him right next to me by flapping it on his hip. That needs to be refined.
We played the corners game with contact. He was having problems going in straight and backing up at first, but by the time we finished in the square pen, he was going forward much better and backing up with just my seat. I used the power of waiting. We just walked and trotted. After our best-feeling stop and back, we did a large circle in a really upward, collected, canter out in the open pasture. He was really underneath himself. I ended with a dismount back onto the sistern, unbridling on my knees, then I sat in front of him for a few minutes.

Misty, Evening, 15 minutes
I went out and just played with her. The circle was one of the last things we did, and we got a whole circle! At first she had her ears back when I backed her up, so I just waited. She walked a loop away and back to me then trotted to me with both ears up. It was a sort of improvised session, though. She and I ran back and forth doing sort of rollbacks that created a sort of figure eight (I can see that developing into something!!) she did a few really fast spins (180’s and 360’s), and then there was the circle. Now, it was a choppy circle that needs improvement, but it was a circle, nonetheless. Making progress!!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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