Friday, March 30, 2012


I miss Misty and Mao and my family in Michigan. I was hoping that they would all come here this summer, but it sounds like Mao is going to stay in Michigan. For a while, thought it would be wiser to leave Misty there, too. Now I see that I must follow my heart in this matter and bring her here. It is the way that I am choosing to go with this and I know my family will support me in this decision.

I have also decided to give Misty a job this summer--she is going to help student's on their journeys as a lease horse for Parelli courses. She is almost to level 4 with me--she has flying lead changes on the ground and in the saddle, we just need her to say "yes" more often. I think she will make a great lease horse for students because she knows her stuff, she just needs the right approach to give it all to you. She is a sensitive mare with a lot of dignity. Yes, a good lease horse, I think.

I learned about the some of the ins and outs to leasing a horse by speaking with people who had leased their horses out in the past. One of those people is someone I am pet sitting for and I am so excited to do that. I love taking care of animals. On that note...

Birdy came into my life as a companion on Thursday evening. The Humane Society here in Pagosa approved me as her adopter and she came home with me. It was so special to me to have a new kitty in my life that is my very own. The last fuzzy critter I dragged home was Tinkerbell, a gray orange and white calico who was abandoned on the hiway behind our back pasture. That was many years ago, so I was due for a new pet in my life.

It is funny because over the years, I have been spending so much time taking care of other people's animals; I had a job as a kennel worker and since I have been in Pagosa Springs; I make extra money taking care of pets for folks leaving town; my friends got me hooked on visiting the local Humane Society to play with the cats and dogs there. All are such happy experiences for me because I really enjoy interacting with animals. With all of those cases, however, I go home and it is really just me and Blu.

So now the team is Blu and Birdy. Slowly, I am getting used to the fact that I get to keep Birdy; she is going to go home with me, wherever home may be; home changes a lot, lately. If I ever have to leave town for stint, I get to have a trusted friend take care of my own cat. What a concept.

Mao and Misty stay in Michigan. Soon, Misty will come out to join us, and the nice alliteration I am enjoying will be no more. I think I would rather lose the alliteration than spend any more time out here without Misty, though.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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