Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Eight: What does that bump mean?

Official Records Information:
Blu and Misty
30 minutes

Tonight, feeding the horses, I got to have some time with both of my equine children. I brushed Blu, who was covered in dried mud. He enjoyed the currying and contact. I was only with him for about 10 minutes, though.

Later, when I was walking Misty through the yard at liberty, I felt a bump on her nose. Once she was in the light of her stall, I let her get a bite of her mush then began to investigate the bump. Outside in the dark, I had thought it was a scab at first, but it was really covered in hair. Inside, it looked like a 3/4" diameter hair-covered scab/wart. I messed around with her nose and she let me stick my finger deep up her nose so I could feel around on the inside of that part of her nose. Nothing inside. My sister came over and picked it off before I could tell her not to pick at it. I will keep my eye on it to make sure it is not some kind of fungal or bacterial skin infection.

I brought the big ball in and I was able to bounce it off her rapidly with 100% confidence on her part by the time I was done. I also stood under her with my back pushing up on her belly to do some belly lifts for her, and she was in a total mindset of partnership.

It was wonderful to be with my horses tonight. I can't wait to have my next formal session with them!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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