Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking a Break

I have been working like a maddog and my internet/pc's are flipping out to boot. I am taking this chance to make a quick update before I take a purposeful blogging break. I need to catch up my written journal before the new year (I am backed up to May! Luckily, I have drafts of my entries to put into the journal).

I have had epic sessions with my horses since the internet puked on me (go figure). Misty came barreling full speed through the snow to me and played a magnificent cutting game with me. Blu and I had an amazing round pen session with the seesaw (new obstacle for my horse playground). On Christmas day, I rode Blu and reached a new level of connection with him as we drove Misty and played the catching game with her. Blu really knew that there was a mission and he was ready to get movin' and then stop and back up as soon as Misty faced us. Then, today, I fixed a bucking problem we started the day out with. First, I checked her back to make sure she wasn't hurt, then I worked on the underlying problems and got some really amazing refinement with bareback one-rein riding. She did shoulder-ins, haunches-ins, and half-passes. She needed me to ask for more permission before getting on and before I asked after the emergency dismount during the bucking rearing (landed on my feet), we had an intense groundplaying where I focused on asking her to match my energy and movement. By the time that I asked permission to get on, she was most obliging. Once on her back, I worked on focusing her mind on various things and maneuvers so she did not have a chance to think of bucking. I also rewarded her with a lot of treats to help her enjoy the time I was on her back. I stayed gentle, as I was teaching her newish manuevers.

So, here goes my break, a hopefully shortlived one!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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