Monday, November 15, 2010


Sarah Palin has been recognized by the Oxford American Dictionary for her creation of the word "refudiate." At the time, she it was just an "oops, that was not actually a word. . . oops, you don't know what word you want to use, do you?" sort of deal. Well, apparently the OAD was so impressed with her creative linguistic skills that this word must be deemed non-fiction!

Sarah Palin may be embarassing herself before the entire world, but I am embarassing myself in front of myself. I have lost control of my time and my daylight. I have prided myself on making time for the horses, but it has been very challenging to juggle the few hours of daylight I have, all the school work, and all the work-work. I have had 3 sessions with Blu and have forgone the recording of them. And I won't do any more than this post for them. It marks my failure, which is over. Failures are not something to be feared. They are benchmarks to look back on and learn from. They are not a ball and chain to keep you from reaching your dreams. Period.

Blu and Misty both need a lot of attention. I need to fill in holes that have come into the relationship over time the way that jeans wear out at the knees. That is over. Tomorrow, I am going to have a session with Blu and Misty. Period.

Become better than you were yesterday. Yesterday, I couldn't handle work, school, church, horses, home. I will get better. Tomorrow, I will be able to handle it all. Period. My dream is to begin filming my black string videos in March of 2011. It is going to happen because everyday I get better.

On my wrist in permanent marker is the word "promise." It is my promise to myself to get better. When it has washed away, my promise will still be there. I am going to handle this.


Natural Horsewoman Out.

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  1. I agree! It is a challenge to handle family, work, horses and whatever else shows up in life. I have found if my time wears thin, I spend at least 15 minutes with each horse and do something meaningful for our relationship. It gives me peace of mind and it has improved my partnership with both horses over summer when all I had was 15 minutes....

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central


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