Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Puzzles in Paradise

Things have been really wild this past week, and it is possible that I have been overworking myself because I believe that I crashed, today. My job gets busy during the holidays, and right now we are severely understaffed, so I am feeling exhausted after all the homework, work, family, and horse stuff from the past weekend. My Saturday and Sunday sessions are starting to fade from my memory and I have yet to finish recording them because I have not had time--really. I just come home and want to go to sleep. I am sorry to everyone who actually reads this.

Anyhow, I spent two hours trying to find answers with Blu. His introversion was back pretty strong and I tried something new for it, today. I yoyoed him back, but when he got to about 6' out, I asked him to come back. He would get stuck, I would stay at a combing feel on the rope, and after a few minutes, I would move to pressure toward zone 5 and he would snap out of it and come right in. I also would let him get out there, then turn away from him for a long time. As it went on, I began to get very frustrated. I started talking to myself--always a bad sign--and degrading myself.

Blu never got smacked, spanked, yelled at, or anything, but I am pretty much 100% sure that he did not enjoy the emotional environment I was creating. As I thought about that, I decided it was actually a possibility that Blu might be going introverted because of an emotional problem I had at some point during the yo yo. In any case, as soon as I felt myself getting upset, I looked for a way to end the session.

My whole treatment of this experience with Blu is to find the positive parts of it, or at least ways to learn from it. That is why this blog is titled puzzles. More and more I realize that so many aspects of communication are all about the semantics and language. You believe in synonyms, but I kind of don't. "Problems in Paradise" was my first idea for a title, but that made me feel bad. Puzzles are games that have an answer. Problems can be icky and it might turn out that there is not an answer to find. So, I am going to piece this together and learn from it. We will see what tomorrow brings; I would like to have a session in the morning. I will not do it if I see it is going to be like today, but I will at least do something good with him.

The best thing about today is that Misty was trying really hard to get me to choose her.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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