Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ryan Rose's Birthday

I am going to mix things up and start with the lunch. During lunch, Faith and I learned how to fix the round pen, lead by Michael. We fixed the rail that Blu kicked to pieces last night. It was fun because I got to use the reciprocating saw. Hehehe. It was actually really easy and Faith and I now have a little tiny bit of facility experience, now.

Today is Ryan Rose's birthday and I made him a card for the office people to sign. I spent the whole morning drawing then painting it. Then Genna came in with jobs for us to do: binder jobs! At one point, I put yellow paper in the printer to print off copies of a section of the binders. I couldn't find the document and after five minutes I remembered the yellow paper still in the printer. I looked up at Faith and said

"You know, I have yellow paper for this but I still can't find it. Pretty soon here, someone is going to print something out and be sad that it's yellow."

Right after I finished saying that, we heard Berin in the other room shout an exclamation. "See, Faith? I don't think he wanted that in yellow."

But, this sin was only after Berin had said how much he liked my drawing of Ryan and Glo, so I had some cushion in the emotional bank account with Berin--I hope. Either that or I hope that by the time I come back for the mastery program, he has forgotten about the yellow reports that were supposed to be white...

At the campus meeting, I wanted to share about how cool it was to be in the office and living on campus, but Genna shared with campus how cool Faith and I were and I decided to wait for a while. I don't know why. But, to repent for the fact that I failed to share my highlights, I decided to ask Berin if I could stand up and share what went on it the office over the week.

Right after the all campus meeting, the Barr's showed up. We had been expecting them all day, so we were all set to help them settle in. I got to drive a golf cart for the first time. Dave and I loaded their tack up and drove it down to the tack room. It was AWESOME!! John and Kathy are the picture of kindness; it's really comfortable to be around them. I thought about the clinic that they held in Michigan in July--it must have been a good one.

It was dinner time and Faith's horse was colicking. Genna and I brought Faith dinner, then I walked Judge while she ate. Genna stayed with her through the vet's stay. Judge was an awesome patient--the vet really liked him. I wanted to stay up, but I needed to find my cell phone charger. I bid Faith good night and went to my cabin to search. While I slept, though, Faith was up until 3 a.m. with Judge.

I had a really good feeling that Judge would be okay, but Faith, was very worried because it was the first time he had ever been sick. It did make me grateful for Blu's health, though. I sent my energy to Faith and Judge before I went to bed.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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