Friday, September 2, 2011

A Warm Wind

Today was such a warm day. I felt enveloped in it. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was uncomfortable, but it was a pleasant day no matter how you spin is my spin on it:

This morning I started my day at 5 a.m. I took a (WARM!!) shower, watched a McLeod's Daughters episode, took care of Blu, and thoroughly enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, egss, and sausage. Yum!

Today was a special day because the Instructor Horsemanship course had check-in. Faith was out most of the morning because she was up all night with Judge...actually, Genna went back to bed, too because she stayed up with them, as well. So, it was just me and LeAnn in the morning. I had binder work to do and Pat invited some folks over for a tour. For that reason, I was in the front office working through binders a chunk at a time after I made up a tour packet. The tourists never came, but that's just as well since I was running all day.

I had a new experience taking a 45 minute phone call. I used my calming-voice voice and the principle of having a way to go up if I could not provide an answer. When I finally hung up, I felt really good about helping the lady out.

Throughout the day, right up until check-in, we were building additional binders--rather, Faith came in and started building. Then, at 2 pm, Jenny Trainor arrived for check-in. So, instead of a 3-5 check-in, we had a 2-6 check-in! :) Hehehe. It was really fun to meet so many instructors. I have a lot of new friends, now :).

Dinner was DELICIOUS! We had fried green tomatoes for dinner and apple pie for dessert. It was so lovely. The atmosphere was so jovial because of all of the Parelli Professionals meeting all their old friends. It was fun.

After dinner, I went out to go for a ride. I took Blu to water and then to the small cover all. Blu acted like he wanted to lay down, but then changed his mind and wandered off so I snuck up on him and flicked him with my savvy string.We played at liberty for a little bit, WTC stick to me with him putting effort into the ketchup. Then I got on the fence and mounted him with permission. I played follow the the rail a bit, getting in harmony with him at the walk trot and canter. He was a little worried about the change from the coverall to the rail, so I only changed gait/direction when he was consistently confident. Cindy Gianini watched for a bit and was very nice about handing out compliments that made me all fuzzy inside. I ended with a stop in the middle from the canter.

We worked the gate and he did it perfectly like butter--it was so smooth! We jogged off to the hill pasture. We cantered, grazed, trotted down hill, cantered across the pasture toward the extern barn, circled, then grazed. Then we did simple lead changes on the straight on the way toward the honey comb. After a good graze, we jogged back home. We stopped under a tree and I dismounted and let him graze. It was all so soft and it was all bridleless. The wind was warm and that made it just . . . lovely. So lovely.

I love Blu.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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