Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Dreamed is . . .

I remember fantasizing about coming here to the Parelli campus. In my silly fantasies, everyone loved me and the important ones liked me so well that they asked me to stay and work here. Soon, that fantasy became something I believed would truly happen with all my heart and soul.

Since I have been here, I treated every day like it was an audition for a part on campus. I went out of my way to make this place feel like home and I tried to make friends with everyone I met. After a while, I got really good at making friends and being helpful.

When the Liberty & Brideless Summit came I kept doing the same thing as before, only now I had more people to befriend and help. Suddenly, some of the people I was auditioning in front of were expressing an interest in me working for Parelli, just as I had originally dreamed so long ago.

At first I discarded it from the realm of possibility, this thought of staying here and working. Then I realized that these ladies were serious and so I got serious. I began playing the friendly game with the idea of staying in Colorado and working for Parelli Central.

Now I am less than 24 hours from knowing whether or not this is going to work.

Looking back, the funny thing is, by the time I was "auditioning" for a job at the Summit, I did not even know I was doing it anymore. In other words, it has become a pattern for me to go out of my to make friends and be helpful. I am getting all tingly realizing what kinds of doors this could unlock--then I just need to have the courage to open them.

Natural Horsewoman Out.


  1. Kat, my fingers are crossed for you. We have shared the forum and e-mailed for about a year now, I think. I can't imagine that you had to *try* to be nice very much, because you are a sweet and generous person. It is so happy for me to see your talents and your life plan come together. As usual, I could just hug the stuffings out of you!

  2. Kat, that is an incredibly wise post. It shows that your are ready to be positive which ever direction it takes you. You have created this by being the completely positive person that you are.

    I know that you want to stay. I also know that your family misses you awfully. Which ever way the ball bounces, there will be good things waiting at the end.


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