Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Maternal Audience

Last night, I slept for about 15 minutes then I had a nap this afternoon for an hour or so. Long story short, I was so exhausted, I was high (I use this adjective in the most delicate manner, of course, as this is a public journal. There is a sort of high that takes hold of the body as you approach the 36th hour without sleeping). At 2:00 p.m., Bridget was coming over to show my mom what she has been doing with Conner, and at 3:30, the woman I give Parelli lessons to was coming over for her lesson. I had a full evening!

Official Records:
45 minutes

Went into the pasture with a carrot stick and Misty was looking but not coming. I played with her to get her unstuck by waiting, driving her and pointing, until at last, she shot forward and arced back to me in a medium sized bullseye. We ran, and I mean ran, around the pasture. I skidded to halts, ran back and forth, and bowed my head every now and again with her to let her relax. She was very in tune to me.

I had her go around a couple obstacles as I stood on a tire. When I walked on, she left me, or so I thought. She actually just trotted over to the big pedestal and looked at me. I was about 30' away, so I stopped and had her stand on it with her front end. It was a long distance with tiny phases.

I ran to some barrels and she went around them ( a line of 6). I stopped in the middle of them. Now, with her on the other side facing me, I drew her to me. She sincerely thought about jumping them before she trotted around them and said "Tah dah!" I then asked her to jump back over, and she reared low, balanced for two seconds and slow motion leapt over them (a controlled levade). I was pleased.

Misty put her halter on. It was beautiful. She was gentle and cooperative. I tied the 45' line into two reins and began to play the friendly game so she could get used to the feel of the line on her hocks. I called it a day when she had a confident walk in the reins (I was standing on the side so that the rope was resting on her gaskins).

Tonight when I returned for the lesson, Misty and Blu were both in the north pasture. They were playing so much. Also, Blu laid down right next to her. I hurried over to him and flopped on the ground. He was startled a bit and almost got up, but then he relaxed and rolled. I gave him a cookie.
So tired.. . ca..n't... type...any....more.

Natural Horsewoman Out

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