Friday, January 15, 2010

The Norm

Bridget came at 7:00 this morning to play with Conner. I did not plan on doing anything with Misty or Blu, just watching and coaching her a bit. I went out and sat on a barrel to watch, but it was so cold! So, after a few minutes, I went into the barn and grabbed a neck string. Misty had been following me all morning, but when I went back into the pasture, she stayed by the fence and just watched me. When I got to the big tire pedestal, I stood on it and whistled. She looked up at me, but still stood still. Finally, after the fifth whistle, she came to me. She had maneuver Conner and Bridget because they were in her path, but she was persistant. I rewarded her with a cookie when she got to me. I put the neck ring on and yielded her hind quarters to me so I could hop on. She stepped right over when I brushed my glove on the far side of her and she put her head down when I gently touched her poll. I stayed warm as I rode her around and it was a nice thing to just go out and feel in harmony and know she was ready to ride.

This is the norm, now. I do most of what I do with my horses without bridles or lines. I can teach them at liberty and I can teach them with out bridles. I am so glad that this day has finally come and I do not want to ever feel that the relationship that I have with my horses is anything close to normal.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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