Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Misty's Really Itchy Spot

Official Records Information:
Misty 7/21/10 afternoon 45 minutes

I finally am getting that look I love to see in Misty's eyes right from the start. I was setting up the cones for our weave and she was trying to connect with me the whole time. When I picked up the halter and 45' line, she was less enthusiastic, but still wanted to maintain connection. So I did approach and retreat and with in a few minutes she was putting her head into the halter.

Before my play session, I tied her to the fence and tended a wound on her back leg. The results of that situation were great. I stayed persistent and polite in the proper position until she understood what was going on. She also did better with the fly spray (more PPPP).

I did some one line driving, but the flies were driving us crazy so it was hard for us to concentrate on one another. I did a couple tail yields, just to remind her. I got her set up for two line driving and we weaved through the cones nicely. I was going to try a figure 8, but she gave me the greatest look as we were beginning it, so I asked her to come in. She was trying it her neck with her back hoof, so I helped her out.

I spent the rest of the time I had with Misty itching her neck in that spot. She nearly fell over on me she was so enthused with me scratching her itch. It was funny.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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