Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pedestal Stories

My gelding was rightbrained while I was waiting him to go left-brained during the sideways game at the trot/canter. We went all over the pasture and then he saw the pedestal and practically dragged me over to it and jumped on it and looked at me, totally calmly. I let him rest there for 15 minutes while a gabbed with a friend and quietly celebrated him getting on the pedestal with all four feet for the first time .

Misty also offered it to me. I was over 50' away at liberty and orchestrating her from there. She had gotten on the pedestal and I pointed for her to continue forward. She would inch forward and look at me, I would smile and point gently again, she inched forward, and so on until she was standing with all four feet on it. That had not been my intention, but that is what happened and I went with it.

This pedestal is a giant tractor tire, at least 4' in diameter and is only 18'' high. Both of my horses are not confident enough to stand on the 2' in diameter and 2' high pedestal.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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