Friday, September 3, 2010


We went to visit a horse that we might be taking home eventually. He belongs to a relative of my dad's. She just doesn't have enough time for him and heard that my youngest sister really needs a different horse because hers is old with bad allergies that cause him difficulty breathing, even on his treatment. So, free horse.

My analysis of him results in the conclusions that he needs 6 weeks of hill therapy to start to build up his top line. Then he will be a great, sound horse for Ellie to start in Parelli. He was very people friendly and just generally good-natured, lots of qualities of a good kids horse. He has moderate ground manners and learns very quickly. My parents were thrown by his conformation, but there is really nothing about his conformation that cannot be fixed. It does appear that he was hit in the head by a 2 by 4 as a foal. . . or something. It's weird. He is not head shy and is pretty level-headed.

Blu was really pleasant. I played with him on the ground a bit first and then he was very well mannered. He was putting his head down in exuberance-like spunk at first, but no bucking. Also, he jumped over a log and then stopped right after it when I stopped with my body. Another time we jumped and kept going. The log was about 12''-18'' high. He was great and I am proud of him.

The decision we made is that Ellie can have him now if she promises to start Parelli with him over the winter. Otherwise, she has to wait until spring. I don't know what will go on, but we will see.

Tomorrow I go on a trail ride at Sleepy Hollow, so I need to go to sleep, I guess.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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