Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three Wise Horses

Warming up, I started to lead him to the invisible arena at liberty, from zone 2. I slowly moved myself to zone 5. When I stopped, he stopped. I played with that stop and go a few times, then Blu walked off. He came back to me and I put the savvy string on him and did a figure 8 between two cones that were only 3 or 4 feet apart. He got to where he would do it with only me leaning forward and backward.

Once he was warmed up, we cantered around the pasture and when I asked him to stop, it felt really good.

There was a kitten in the pasture and it was terribly in the way. Blu was good with him, but I was getting frustrated trying to avoid splatting the kitten, so I asked Maggie to take him away. We did 180's for impulsion. It was a long session.

Star is the neighbor's horse. She was very lonely because some of the horses were gone on a Ride with the Elk trail ride for the weekend. I walked over and she immediately came to the fence. I picked grass and fed it to her, found some itchy spots, and then let her explore my boot. Star is an extremely mouthy horse. She is an EXTREMELY mouthy horse. She is given over to biting things and people. I let her nibble the heel of my boot (I took it off my foot, first) and pushed it further into her mouth than she really wanted. That was very surprising to her! She seemed to appreciate the company. I sometimes daydream about having her as my partner. She would be very challenging, but once she trusted a human, she would be the most amazing partner. She is super athletic and very socially outgoing. This time sitting with her was good for me to transition from playing with Blu to playing with Misty.

At liberty, I played with asking more of her, taking the leadership role a bit more. I think that I will play with her on line next time because she seems ready for that. This was a shorter session, but still valuable.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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