Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

I learned today.

Blu taught me about how to be a better quitter.
The Thackers taught me about how I can reverse my train of thought and do whatever I do with love.
I taught myself that I can.

My resolutions, which I recorded last night--rather, early this morning--are as follows:

  1. feel happy every day
  2. be beautiful in all ways
  3. go to the externship in July
  4. get to level 4 before that externship
  5. spread my joy
  6. become a great leader
  7. Parelli Connect, Facebook, Blog, and Twitter
  8. become a 2* Parelli Professional
  9. walk with God
  10. make a difference in people's lives`inspire them to do the same
" I am going to go to sleep tonight [and every night] feeling as though I have already attained, accomplished, and mastered."

As I was making breakfast and cleaning the kitchen (straight of bed and into the kitchen) for the guests while everyone else went on as they wished, I thought gosh, right off the bat I am having trouble being happy. I have to change this right now. So I replaced my impending bitterness with love and appreciation. I appreciated that I was living in this house with this family and had these friends. I continued my work with love for those I was serving. It felt so good--and familiar. That's usually how I feel when I am cleaning and working. Having experience with both emotions, I would say it is much better to feel the love and appreciation instead of the bitterness (yuck!).

A hot air balloon landed in the yard. That was cool and kind of irrelevant to this post.

Blu is doing really well at zone 5 driving and he is a doll at liberty. Circling is where he is teaching me, right now. I thought I had a good strategy for quitting at the right time. Two days in a row, though, that has lead to Blu being very tired and sweaty.

What I envision is him cantering in balance, 45' away, for however many laps I ask. Instead, Blu is flying at the end of the line, trotting, hardly able to maintain the canter. I really need a round pen, but when he gives me what I want, I bring him right in. Game over. Except that I send him back out again after a rest to see if he can get the right answer faster.

Now that it has happened two days in a row, I am going to quit RIGHT AWAY, GAME OVER when he makes that little change tomorrow. We won't even go there.

I thought I was okay with continuing, even keeping quitting at the right time in mind. Now, I know better.

I said Blu is sweet at liberty because he really is. He is a real partner. I was honored that he was following me around even after my mistakes. There is most certainly so much hope for us yet!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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