Friday, October 15, 2010

And Runnin' Runnin', And Runnin' Runnin'

Today was such a wild day. I really should go to bed and post this tomorrow, but I am already behind, so I don't want to start that habit again. I worked both shifts today, played with Blu in between, went to school to work in the lab on a homework assignment, came "home" to my Gramma's how to make waffles for everyone for dinner, watched my T.V. show (my one guilty pleasure!) with multiple distractions, shot the bull with my dad, shot the bull with my mom, and now I am here. Oh, and my Parelli order came today. I bought my mom a Christmas present when the website had the 20% off sale on all the educational DVDs. I am very excited. Unfortunately, I have to wait for Christmas.

So, I was moving all day. I am actually not emotionally tired--things went smoothly or I handled them well--just physically. Blu got over 2 hours with me during my break. I was planning on doing an hour with each horse, but as things go, I lost track of time. So, just Blu and Blu did lots of things: he came to me in the back pasture, worked on the sideways game, went into the round pen to play with small circles at liberty, then mounting, brought up the horses, bridling from his back, figure eights mania, and then laying down. Phew!

All the horses were out back to start with. I walked out there, spotted Blu, and when I got within 20' of him, he came to me. Going up to the front was a long process, from haltering to leaving Middle Earth, because I stopped for grass breaks all the time. I noticed that as we went along in that manner, Blu became quicker at picking up his head from the grass to follow me.That was the goal, so mission accomplished.

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