Monday, October 18, 2010

Cuerda de Dos Caballos

I had the afternoon with Misty and Blu. I got out of work early and was able to spend a long time at the farm before heading back to work. Maggie was out in the back pasture painting while all the horses grazed. On the way out, I made the plan to play with Misty's lead by the tail and then ride but demand very little of her. I actually, in a round about way, did that.

Maggie and I discussed in raised tones--and quite emotionally--the relevance of anger as a facet of humanity. We came to the conclusion that we were on the same page and understood each other and hugged. We felt much better and moved on with our day. She needed my help carrying her painting supplies out to the back pasture and I obviously obliged.

I will finish this one, too! Do you speak Spanish, by the way?

Catching- picking grass
Sitting while she grazed
Going up to the front
worked the gate with lead by the tail
she left. . . :D with my featherline tied to her :|
I went out to the back, she had stopped just inside middle earth where all the other horses were
She began to walk away, so I drove from zone 5 and all the horses came with, Connor leading. We were a horse choo choo train
Got on Misty and grazed--no fits
New Knot to catch Blu--first did approach and retreat to draw him to us
Took them to the front and out to graze
Blu pulling and me wiggling the rope caused knot to come out
Spent a long time to get the loop over his head from Misty's back
Blu respected the line more after some phase fours with the end of the line. I also demonstrated my reasonability by stopping and letting both horses graze
let Blu go
took off Misty's other shoe
ran with her on line to the back
let her go
she casually walked away

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