Monday, October 4, 2010

Equine Therapy

Sometimes, we are therapy for our horses, but usually, horses are therapy for us. When rough days put us through the ringer, the professional help that horses give us is not something you can get from a therapist (I say this only as an assumption, because I have never been to a professional therapist of the two-legged kind. But I think I am right.). I can't come up with something that beats the warmth of the body, smell, feel, look in the eye, and breath of a horse. So, when I came down to the farm, I was looking for a therapist with a degree in bad-day-blues-cancellation.

Blu is usually my best pick for a therapy horse because he is always ready to snuggle and play. It is a big self-confidence boost and very heartwarming. I walked out to the back with the intentions of getting Misty, though. I whistled and she spotted me. When she began to come toward me, most of the herd did, and I began running for it. I was not all the way to the front when everyone zoomed past me (but Hoosier and Connor.). When we got to the front, Misty herded Blu to the corn crib. It was about then I decided to play with Blu because I decided that it was a relax-with-Blu time.

I began thinking about tonight's post as I was rubbing Blu and petting him. It felt so good to bury my nose in his mane snuggle him.

Blu goes out for a graze then he goes out for a purpose-driven drive to get Hoosier. The gate work was also very impressive on his part. Then, an awesome dismount, reflective of how I mounted from the sistern.

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