Friday, October 8, 2010

Warm Bath

Today we had perfect weather, but I worked both shifts and only had a part of my break to give to the horses. It was really unfortunate that I did not get out of work earlier so I could ride Blu, but I made a new step in Misty's progress with driving by the tail: we did a figure eight!

Misty wanted to graze, so I thought it would be nice to play out in the yard. I was able to stay in position in the gate way while putting Misty into position to back out the gate toward me (by the tail). I could tell she was trying to remember what she was supposed to be doing, then it clicked and she went right into position and backed out.

I let Misty graze while I took small wooden chairs into the yard for centers of the 8, about 4 feet apart. We then moseyed our way to the chairs. I let her graze then we began. At first, she relied heavily upon the stick or the rope. I also had to do a lot of breaks and waiting. I decided to call it a day when she made it around one loop of the eight without stick or rope. Woo hoo! This is progress in the area of her stuck-ness to obstacles, too, because she did not once get stuck on one of the chairs. Also, she was not always trying to eat grass, which means she was really engaged in solving the puzzle.

I gave Misty a warm bath and hosed off her leg. She was great for her bath. She was worried as usual about the water, but I did approach and retreat with the jugs of warm water and she relaxed. So, now she is clean, my vet gave me some antibiotics for infection in the leg.

Sorry if this post is light. It was really great, but I could not post until late because work went late and I have been helping my Gramma for the evening. Long day.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to going to Sleepy Hollow for a trail ride.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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