Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grazing by the Road

One of Blu's and my hazy areas is road confidence. Both of us get tight around the road. Today, in the lovely sun, I stood in the road while Blu grazed in the ditch. He really got into the relaxation and when I finally took him into the road, he was not tight and unpredictable. I was able to relax more. He did tighten his butt when a car went by, but it fizzled out pretty quick. On the way home, later, he also tightened up on the road. I will be feeling for him to be completely at ease with the road.

While we were, in the aisle by the neighbor's horse and donkey, we ran/cantered together and it was so fun. Blu was splashing me as he ran along in the puddles and he would buck exuberantly. It was such great feeling that brings a smile to my face.

Another Account of the Day: "I let Blu graze in the ditch for a long time. Then we were off to the neighbors. Lady and Moses the donkey were laying down in their pasture, today. Blu and I ran/cantered down the aisle by their fence. He liked that, and I did too :D On the way back home, Blu was a bit better feeling on the way home. In the road, he was the most confident that he has ever been, but I still felt tightness in him as a car went by from behind. He did not have any displaced behavior, though, and he felt fine once we hit the drive. Sometimes, he gets antsy or will toss his head and buck as he walks away from the road.

So, good walk, today :D"

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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