Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today, my family hosted one of our relatives who was over to see how pregnant Ginger is looking these days. I rode Blu and showed her what we are working on. We were going along great with our cloverleaf until Blu went through the fence. It seemed that he was drawn to the new lady up at the front and hoped to go hang out with everybody. He wanted to so much that he did it 2 or 3 more times, completely destroying my delicate fence of binder twine and curtain rods that has been up since NOVEMBER! Sigh. I laughed a lot.

My mom recorded quite a bit of it. I noticed today, rather, I felt, that Blu was much more maneuverable at the canter. He was able to do much sharper turns and maintain gait. He broke gait often, but I still felt a real change in him and his understanding of the pattern. Tomorrow, we begin flying lead change ladder.

Today, Blu's slide stop tracks were still about the length of the carrot stick.

I will complete this update, later. In parting:

Activity 2: Explain in each of the 10 qualities of a natural horseman in your own words.
Quality #1: Heart and Desire
Heart and desire is the fire of the horseman—the being that results from a gallon of horse being poured into the human and an ounce of human being poured into the horse. It is what causes the human to make the time to do what she wants to with her horses and it is what causes the horses to want to spend that time be partners with her. It causes those left-brained introverts of mine to run fast and jump high when, left to their own devices, they would stand out in the pasture and graze all day. Heart and desire of horse and human results in the synchronization of the agendas of the two species. The "fire" is fragile in some, but it is strong in me and my horses. To cultivate it, the human must continue on her journey with the horse and survive the crests and troughs therein.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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