Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is it Lie or Lay? Oh, Who Cares!

Blu was magical, today. He was cleaning up hay leaves with Hoosier. I provocatively opened the door (by doing so slowly as the door made all the unlocking sounds). He looked up and came to me (after peeing in the muck pile). After our salutation, I led him to the round pen. He was not so hesitant about continuing past the gate for the other pasture, this time.

I lay down in the snow (lay is the past tense version of lie, which is the proper verb, here. The present tense lay means to lay something down. You might lay down a horse. But if something is doing so of its own accord, it is lie) and Blu stood right over me. He had his nose right over my face and stomach for a long time. He would smell me very gently now and then. He was even less mouthy, today. Yesterday he wasn't nibbling, just touching, but today he was hardly investigating. He just stood over me. He moved to standing with his head over my feet. After a while, he began to paw gently and I protected my space. He backed away a bit, pawed gently again . . . and then lay down next to me. I cried!

I gave him some cookies and pet him. I sat behind him and then Sarah the cat came along (she left us when Blu laid down) and slapped him. I shooed Sarah, but the damage was done. The magic was kind of gone and Blu stood up and chased her away. Later, when she came back, he chased her away again with much vehemence. She did not come back.

For the remaining 10 minutes or so, Blu picked up the towel and carrot stick. He never actually got one into my hand.

Blu followed me out and I said good bye then got everyone a snack. As I passed by on my way back in, Blu stopped eating and looked at me. It's not much to the naked eye, but that connection to me meant a momentary disconnection from his food, so it was special.

What a special day. Back to work for second shift!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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