Monday, February 28, 2011

Passive Gentle Leader

I stepped outside and Blu immediately came over to me. I groomed him with my hands, noting spots he did not want to be touched. I will relay these to my chiropractor, who is coming out tomorrow to work with Blu. He was iffy about the left side under his belly below the spot between his back and loins. That is right where his back pain comes from. He also did not like me putting my arm over his back. I noticed that yesterday, too. I retreated and reapproached.

When Blu would look back at me, I would gently catch and cradle his head and release him when he wanted me to. Reverse psychology.

When Blu wanted to pick on Hoosier, I gently shooed Hoosier away. I could tell that had an effect on Blu.

I walked away to the round pen and he followed me all the way. It was a very lovely feeling—one that made it VERY difficult to leave. When I went to the rp, Misty came around, too. She stood by the rp through every undemanding time I had with Blu this past week.

When I did leave, Blu followed me. Tonight felt so good and I really felt like a passive, gentle leader and like I was flowing with the go and going with the flow. I feel like it was a good place to move on to the next step

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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