Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Natural Power of You-Know-What

Staying focused on a goal is only difficult when you allow the rest of the world to dictate what you focus on. It is only in charging headlong into the fray of the world that you find the true path that will lead to the achievement of your heart's aspiration.

The meaning I hope to impart here is that goals set aside will not develop themselves. If you stop pushing toward it, remove the fibers of your focus from it, "it" will not happen. No matter how set on something you may have been at the onset of the goal, if you have allowed the world to steal away your attentions, you have allowed the world to steal away your dreams.

I took a giant leap of faith this summer when I left my parents in Iowa at the top of a very steep driveway with an empty horse trailer. That was me focused on my goals of taking another step--a big one--toward becoming a great horsewoman and a great teacher and professor of horsemanship.

The whole summer was filled with leaps of faith, sudden changes, and stepping up to the plate even when it was terrifying to do so. At the end of the summer came the greatest leap of faith I have ever taken; I took a job with Parelli Natural Horsemanship instead of returning home to Michigan.

At the time, I was still hoping to go to an externship, though not sure when because the course I had planned to take was cancelled that fall and I had no idea how I would come up with the money for the next summer's. I took the job knowing two things: this was a part of my own unique path toward my goal; and I could not let myself allow this to consume my original aspiration.

Having worked at Parelli for almost four months, I know that there was a great stretch of time where I struggled to take care that the origins of my reason for being here were not drown out by the very leap of faith I had taken to grow closer to the goal. Even now, I am balancing out reaching my dreams and giving Parelli the greatest service I am capable of.

Several weeks ago, I made another quantum leap of faith by deciding firmly in my heart that I will attend the July 2012 externship and become a 2-Star Parelli Professional. The path is still unclear, but every day I experience great clarity in where I am going. By having that unwavering focus, now, I see how fuzzy my vision was before. The world had taken over and caused me to slow down. I stopped the charge into the fray.

Now that my dream is more real to me than it has ever been, I am excited to share the concept of how your choices in position as a proponent or neutral state for the achievement of your dearest aspiration is critical to the realization of your dreams. If you make no choice, it is just as bad as making the choice to decide to relinquish the right to ever savor the taste of the success you once envisioned.

Keep driving and eventually, you will find yourself no longer in Iowa skidding down the steepest driveway you have ever witnessed with a bumper pull filled with two horses swinging behind you. Instead you will be in the mountains under the most glorious sky riding the beautiful horse who trusted you enough to follow you out there. . .

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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