Friday, January 6, 2012

Poetic Interest

A plan in mind, I went down the hill
Blu was following but suddenly stood still

He turned around when he saw where we were going
So I followed him back up with a smile of knowing

It was that arena we had done so much work in;
The place I had calmly gone berserk in

Clarity came and I used very little assertion to say
"Don't worry brother, I'm okay and you'll be okay"

When we got to the threshold that had to dissolve
I gave him a carrot, a vegetable he loves

Now he had interest vested
And his skepticism was bested

To instill confidence the best pattern is touch it
And carrots made it better because such is

Blu's nature when we involve food
He recalled this game and the game got good

Blu touched a pan, a chain, and a ground pole
With zeal and glow that in turn touches my soul

To see him so vivid and vibrantly motivated
I knew it was time to stop before he was satiated

Because then we would find ourselves back at square one
No, this way tomorrow he won't start out ready to be done

Blu followed me back into the barn where I groomed him
To free him of all the dirt that has completely consumed him

What a good pony, Blu is truly sweet
I cannot wait till tomorrow when again we meet

I must be getting to sleep now, and so good night
Natural Horsewoman Out

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