Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snapshot of a Good Horse

Due to various circumstances, Blu has had two days of not seeing me during my lunch period. It is my belief that it was best that way, though. It gave Blu some time to recuperate from my crazy "horsemanship" this weekend.

Today I only had 15 minutes with him to brush him before I fed the horses and picked the paddock. Grooming is a fantastic therapy and I sometimes like to spend the time visualizing some great thing we will do together. However, I think it is better for my horse when I am present with him. Today I was there in the barn with him, mind, body, and soul.

I put love into getting him clean. Maybe it was also a little symbolic because I brushed dried all sweat off his chest as well. Now he has a lovely (kind of) coat--clean and fresh...

As Blu munched away, I knew that this was a beautiful snapshot of what a good horse Blu is. I bring him into the barn and let him eat and our communication is so soft; we have such a great language together, I think. It was my way of apologizing and his way of telling me that nothing has changed between us--we are still buddies.

I am glad I did not have time to "do" anything with him. We had a beautiful time enjoying one another's presence. When I look back on what I learned in the past week, I hope I always remember how it ended with what a good horse I have as a partner and the language we share.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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