Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Show of the Season

Official Records Information:
all day (5:30-7:00)
state qual
played (fig 8)
eng state qual
eng equ
eng pls
I had to work the night before the show, and that ended up being an unfortunate thing, but I handled it as best I could. I was TOTALLY prepared as far as packing goes. I did spend the whole day with 5 minutes left to learn the pattern and then go in, but here is the best thing ever: I did not get one butterfly, I did not get one bit anxious or nervous, never once did I care about what anyone thought, and I took the whole day in stride. I scratched out of trail because I did not get to play with Blu in the area before they had the trail pattern set up and I was not going to go in and have an unnecessary struggle. I honestly spent most of the day relaxing with Blu then rushing to change. I gave Blu a lot of responsibility of staying put and not eating grass (we don't let our horses eat grass in places strange horses have been pooping due to disease spread). He was so good. He stood untethered and patient. I was so proud of him.

In the show ring, Blu had to deal with Connor being an emotional wreck. Bridget learned a lot and knows that next time she needs to take preventative measures sooner or just go to the center next time, but Connor would run up Blu's butt and do other such things. I did my best to stay on the rail, but Blu and I still stayed calm. Blu never flew off the handle, in fact, I was really impressed with him.

I did not plan to do any ribboning, but I did get 6th in English Equitation out of 9, 5th in Western Horsemanship out of 9, and I got 2nd in bareback equitation out of 5--even with Blu tripping and almost going to his knees right in front of the judge. My seat was so good, I just gasped but I did not even slide forward. Bridget did not go into bareback because Connor was not slowing down in the ring and she had not cantered bareback very much (she just learned to canter, and we had her in the saddle because she needed to learn how to be comfortable in the saddle).

Bridget has a lot to work on before her next point show on the 19th of June. She has a training show (no show clothes or grooming) on the 11th. I am not going to that one because I need to be choosy about what shows I go to ($).

I almost forgot--my first showmanship class, I calmly escorted Blu through the pattern as he performed airs above ground. Imagine Linda trying to walk Allure on a short line before playing with him. I was fine and I made a few adjustments to the pattern so he would not explode (I did not back him up and I did not try to restrain him from moving his butt side to side during inspection), and I could have easily scratched since the class was free, but I wanted him to get to be in the ring before the next showmanshipa In between that class and the next showmanship class, I was able to play with him. He bucked and starjumped, and when I went into the next showmanship class, the judge wouldn't have been able to believe it was the same horse if he did not have such unique markings.

Anyways, that is how I like to feel at shows--even though I did not place, I was relaxed. And I still don't care that a lot of folks must have thought I looked the fool as I tried to maneuver Blu around Connor and whatnot in the riding classes, Blu was always willing and pleasant (except in the first class, lol).

I did not even sign up for Baby Green Jumping or the Riding Pattern (a flying lead change pattern that is always the same). Blu was very tired at the end of the day, but he was definitely in shape, because I have seen him at his most tired, and he was not even close to that. I am not used to how much not-arabs sweat. Misty can go the whole day and she just has saddle/girth sweat, but Blu and Hoosier and Conner were drenched in the 80+ degree F sun and work.

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