Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Shifts

Official Records Information:
Misty, 5/25/10, 3 hours, morning

Blu, 5/25/10, 2 hours, evening
Misty, 5/25/10, 10 minutes, evening

Because of the heat, I am trying to work in the mornings and evenings so the horses don't get so hot. I decided that Misty would do better in the mornings because Blu does not mind waiting for his food at night, but we will see.

Misty's Morning:
Extreme catching game, guys! Misty was running with all she had as I drove her away. She caught on once, and followed me to the gate. I had not even lifted the halter to put it on when I noticed that she was not really with me, so I stepped back a bit and she turned tail and booked it around the pasture several more laps before she finally came to me. It was a big personal step because I was able to look at it reasonably and I did not get offended. Felt good.

I walked her, grazed her, and rinsed her off because she was very hot and breathing hard from the running--even at 8:30 it was getting hot out. I drove her from zone 5 a little while we were out and that was rusty but working. I also did some back lifts and pelvic tucks.

For the next 45 minutes to an hour, I left Misty alone in the round pen. I was going to play with her in there after she got to settle in and I helped in the house. I went back out after the aforementioned time had passed and went through the seven games. My goal was to have her canter around me 5 laps in the circling game. I first played the catching game until she was 100% attached, which got her a cookie. One thing that needs a bit more clarity is sideways to me at liberty. She understands it well on line, but bringing the front end to me at liberty was the kicker for her. I got it, but it needs to be polished. I also worked on sideways away from me by doing the porcupine game with my fingers on her side. That got pretty light. I need to do that with Blu. I also noticed that the draw on the yoyo was weaker.

It took about 10-15 minutes of circling and changing directions before I reached my goal of five laps. Tomorrow, I would like 8-10 laps. In order to keep her from changing directions away from me, I yielded her hind quarters a bit every time. Once, when I was putting my energy on her too far forward, she did a spin. Now that is why Parelli is not trick training. Misty does not know how to do spins on a circle, but she knows how to read my driving language, so she understood what that meant when I put driving energy in front of the drive line instead of behind it! Another highlight is that 2 or 3 times, Misty chose to come in and relax. I let her because she was seeking out comfort with me, and I want her to look to me for relaxation, especially since she hadn't been doing that much in this session.

So, next up I put her on the 45 foot line and saddled her up (English). No limping whatsoever! She was completely smooth (she has a tendency to be cold-backed). In between tightening the girth, I did figure 8 with cones. She saw the cones and did it by herself right off the bat. I accepted her willingness to try and do what I wanted as a really great gift.

I got on using a barrel so as not to strain her back. She stepped to me very willingly. I did the weave pattern with barrels that were set up in a line. Then, I did it at the canter, asking for simple lead changes in between. She was very easy to stop and go with just my energy. What a nice ride.

I cooled her down Bareback and Bridless. I mainly let her go where she wanted at the walk as long as she kept walking. When I was done, I put all the horses out back.

Blu's Evening:

Blu came right to me when I called out.

To be continued/ellaborated on...
Grooming-busy lips, good boy, though
Figure 8 with cones to test before saddling if anything needed help before a ride.
Shimmed and saddles
Showmanship in between tightening cinch (great)
Figure 8 jogging in nat hack
switched to bridle fig 8 jog
Cantering around: switching leads, keeping the canter, steering
walked around pasture to cool off

2 minute ride to show bridget her canter
Getting hoosier on the right side
doing chores with her
Natural Horsewoman Out.

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