Friday, May 28, 2010

Not Cool, But Definitely Calm and Collected: Pretty Cool, Huh?

Tonight, I decided to seriously begin my program for collecting Blu physically. I called him over, put the halter on, did a warm up, groomed and saddle him (driving from zone 5) and then began. . . !

A tarp was in the pasture, so I played with it to get him mentally and emotionally collected under saddle. Then I did some point to point riding to get his impulsion more equal (he was much more whoa than go). Once we had the walk and the trot a bit more lively, I began to work with the canter. Blu has a history of being unconfident in his canter. It comes out in his canter being difficult to steer, fast, and choppy.

cantering crazy box to box
circle collecting at walk to both directions
collecting on straight lines at the walk and jog
cantering and trying to the get a collected moment
cool down

Misty in the afternoon
Catching took a long time
Ext friendly game at liberty
pushed ball around--VERY COOL
when pushed ball to saddle, left
finally, drove to halter and haltered on knees very nicely
yoyo to and from me--worked on her looking at me by waiting with back to her and keeping her coming and going straight
Canter circles (cod to keep her cantering) brought in when she circled 5 times
saddled (no limping) did barrel pattern sending around barrels and running backwards with her cantering to me to go "home"
got on and did some warming up of extended trot

Natural Horsewoman Out

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