Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sleepy Hollow Trail Ride

Sunday, Bridget, Mom, and I went on a trail ride at a State Park called Sleepy Hollow. The ride was about 2 hours long. I rode Misty for the first time in a while (she is just now sound after going through a draining abscess) and ponied Blu. My mom even participated in trail riding Parelli style by swishing horses who were crowding on your butt. And, at the show, she never did get super emotional and explode in bitter anger (which she has done in the past). She also told me there that I could do whatever I needed to do to get Blu ready (this after I disappeared and worked with Blu to get him mentally on board--because as far as I was concerned, I can learn a pattern in 30 seconds and not feel rushed, but I would cannot make Blu mentally ready in 30 seconds, so I would rather arrive at the entrance to the ring as the class is about to go in and be totally calm and prepared than not. took all 4 horses to sleepy hollow to relax, Misty went in trailer when my mom went in to get something and she was holding her.

Here are some other notes about it:

went right into trailer when I took her in.

Blu was biting
At first, there was a lot of rope and excited horses, so my mom took Blu for most of the ride.

swished invasive horses. Jigging fixed with swishing.

saw deer and stared for a long time, then lots of snorting. By end of ride, was much more confident leading the line

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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