Sunday, May 30, 2010

Broken Things

I had an excellent horse day. I played with Blu with the halter and 22' line, but I had a headstall with a snaffle on him so he could get comfortable in it. He hardly messed with it at all, and messing with the bit is a huge part of his MO. I think I am on to something. Next time I ride, I am riding in the Nat Hacka with the headstall on with the snaffle. He is such a cutey. We did not do anything jaw dropping to an audience, but I made some huge personal progress.

I spent most of my time helping Britney. She is learning how to ride in the saddle. She really does not like how restrictive it is, but I told her it was good that she was so comfy bareback (that is how she learned to ride). For those of you who don't know, Britney is one of my dearest non-horse friends. Last fall, she turned into a PNH student and we have a great time. I really enjoy sharing my world with her. You would all just love her.

Farrier is out tomorrow. Conner is really not where I want him to be with his back feet handling and I won't be there because I have to work. I am kind of nervous, but there is nothing to do about it and Brit is going to go out and play with him.

I have terrible news: the young lady I give horse handling and riding lessons to broke one ankle and shattered the other today when she fell off a porch. She has not had a lesson since, like, October because she was busy with nursing school, but I feel so bad for her because horses are her escape from studies and she was looking to start up again. Now, she is going to be bed ridden for the next several months. I am trying to think of something I can do for her...I was thinking about taking videos of Hoosier and putting them to songs and gifting them too her...I don't know...I am just so sick over it. Poor, poor Patti.

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