Friday, May 7, 2010


#2 I went to the farm to play with Blu, but the horses were out back so I had to bring them up. Misty came running up when she saw me coming out, thinking all the horses would start running up. I shut the gate so she could not go back out and after several minutes of frantically running around, she suddenly saw me and just calmly walked over to me and let me put the halter on. She enjoys bringing the horses up with me. It was good to realize this after yesterday’s questions about her. She knows what the job is and most of the time, I just get out of the way and let her do her thing.
#3 I played with Blu for a short while before going back to work. I had him saddled and my helmet on, but I only got through the preflight check before I had to go to work. It was still a good time and I got to ride Misty.
#4 Ginger got a 2 inch gash on her right flank/belly, aka her most ticklish spot. Ginger is my 17 year old sister’s horse. She is also Misty’s sister. Cute, huh? Ginger is the most sensitive horse I know, and tonight, she had to deal with 3 to 4 people crammed in her stall poking around and whatnot. I stayed out of the stall as much as I could and tried to keep my parents from raising their voices. My dad was down there to stitch it up or super glue it shut. Ginger is going to the breeders at the end of the week, so we would like it to heal up ASAP. It was very shallow, so super glue was enough. I was so proud of Ginger and my family for their cooperation.

So, I had an...interesting internal monologue today when I was playing with Misty. I was working through my program for the day, and all of a sudden, I felt like she wanted me to just go away and never come back. So I went away and I sat there asking myself why I was doing this program with her if she does not like people. She has never gotten to pick anything. She has always just done whatever I wanted. Some time while I was talking myself through why I should not just buy her food and make sure she was always healthy, she peeked inside the door of the building I was sitting in. After that, I began to feel better and come up with reasons that playing with her is a good thing for her. I am a good person, you see. I have things to show her through our relationship about humans. I don't have to worry about these kinds of thoughts from Blu; he adores humans. He tells me what he likes and I know pretty well where we are going together. But Misty throws these at me all the time, and it makes me want to just set her free on a 4,000 acre pasture and not look back (not out of frustration, but out of feeling that is the right thing to do). I love her so much, so that would be hard, but I don't want us to be a thing that I do to her (even if I do it in the nicest way possible via PNH). I don't know, it was a provocative afternoon. (P.S. I went out and we had a good session, during which she gave me things at liberty I really had not expected).

Then, this evening, my mom and I went through the next lesson in Level one. Get this, last time she was starting level one, she was pretty yucked about having to do the whole "get good with the tools" thing because she wanted to go do something with Conner. Well, I was showing her a clip from Red Level One about learning/comfort zone. It happened to be about the tools, but I told her it applied to anything with her comfort zone. She said, "So, I get to use you as my whipping post? " She was excited! How awesome is that everyone. And, she seemed a bit disappointed that we were done as I was packing everything up, but she wants to work with the carrot stick before going on to learn about the porcupine game. Complete turn around. Also, my "Hey, mom, do you want me to go get the level one out?" is getting a lot less awkward.

Well, onto me and why I was bright before I hit the forum:
Blu is the most loving horse. He comes to me and puts his head in my arms to snuggle. He speaks to me. He is a communicative horse. I don’t mean he nickers or calls, he just makes an effort to tell me things all the time. He says “Itch my butt,” he says, “I want you to come over here and play with me.” He tells me other things, and Misty does not, usually. Or at least she does not make such a big effort. She is a challenging horse. She much prefers other horses (specifically her boyfriend) to people, whereas Blu would move into my house if I let him. I am not saying he’s my favorite, it is just one of my favorite things about him. Misty has certain things that are special, but tonight, I am focusing my attention on adoring Blu.

I started out playing with Misty at liberty. She was making huge efforts to do what I asked from 50’ away. Ok, huge for her considering how she has been lately. I going to try and do most of my play at liberty in the pasture for a while as that seems to help build her trust in me. Someday, I will explain to you all why Misty and I have a fallout every spring/summer.

Well, Misty was pushing the ball and putting effort into it, so I let her eat her hay and went over and called Blu away from my mom who was itching him (he is itchy). Get this, he left her! He was practically in heaven. I was surprised. I played with Blu and ended with asking him to back into the trailer. This was session one, so I stopped when he confidently yoyoed straight back to it and until his legs touched the edge. Everyone should get to know a horse like Blu.
When I came back, Blu was laying down in the hay pile. I went out and laid on his belly. Then he told me he wanted to lay down so I went over and let him put his head in my lap. He fell asleep and began running with his legs, lol. Then he sat up so I went and sat down with my back to his belly again. After 5 minutes, he touched me and told me he wanted to lay down again. That time I let him lay on the dirt and I took some pictures with my cell phone. They are not the best, but better than nothing. Also, I don't know if I know how to or if I can upload them onto my computer... Then I laid my head on his neck and we took a nappy. He is so sweet. Misty does not do that with me . But my little Blu-Boo does!!

I left Misty alone, though I might go out and play with her later...

Natural Horsewoman Out

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