Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bay Dancing Horse and Pepper Pony

I went to a Savvy Club friend's house today. I met her through the Savvy Forum. She is one of my many supportive friends on the forum. The Savvy Club has connected me with this amazing group of people in a thread called Carpe Diem! and I am so blessed to be a part of it. So, this is me being an advocate for the Savvy Club because of how it has connected me with the Carpes and with Sue and Dawn.

Ellie, Sue, and I enjoyed a quick lunch at Arby's. We caught up on things then we were off to Sue's BFF Dawn. Dawn has a great facility. It really struck me to see a facility so centered around Parelli. There were Parellisms hanging up, the indoor arena was a nice playground. It was so beautiful to me.

We watched some PNH DVDs with Dawn and enjoyed some delicious cranberry juice. We also played with her lovely dog. Then it was off to Sue's place.

Sue has a Paddock Paradise set up and it was interesting to see it in practice. Sue lent me her Paddock Paradise book.

The apple tree in the paddock was very fruitful and Sue showed us how the horses came running when she shook it :D.

Then we played with Sue's horses. I was very timid about it at first. I am tentative with other people's horses at first for fear of doing something wrong :)

I played with Bay, first. He is a lovely Arabian gray gelding. He likes to be called The Bay Dancing Horse. He does. His sideways was so sensitive and responsive. It was definitely more confident and clean than Misty or Blu's. It showed me what I was missing! I also played the squeeze game and a figure 8 -ish sort of thing, taking his idea and shaping it. It was very fun.

Then I played with Pepper Pony with the pedestal, using change of direction and reverse psychology to cause him to get on the pedestal with three feet. Sue said she had been have problems with that one lately, and I immediately felt determined to see if I could do the right things with the right timing and end up with more than one foot on the pedestal. Pepper is very cute, but he is VERY smart, more importantly. He was a joy to play with.

We all fed the horses apples and then Bay showed us some of his dance moves out in the paddock. On the way to our drop off point, Sue told me about something interesting that she had heard: sending energy out of your side and out of your back. . . how INTERESTING!

It was a very fun time. It was so cool to get to see them again in person--last time was in Ohio at the tour stop. I am so grateful to have the Savvy Club to connect me with other Parelli students!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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