Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Dark, Cool Time

I did so much with Misty tonight. I will probably be editing this blog a few times because of all the important things that I felt. My mind is racing trying to process it all.

I had a bad day at work--Misty remedied the bad feelings I had.

First I went out with just the halter and carrot stick. I had a clear plan to catch her heart before I caught her. I started by whistling. She turned and went into the corn crib. I slowly followed in that direction, but she turned around and started coming to me, so I backed up until she caught me. That was really a nice thing. She had positive energy and a sweet face. I gave her a cookie and really just stood with her for a few minutes, not even touching her.

I had the feeling that this would be a good time to do some liberty stuff with her because she was just connecting with me so well. It was like she was telling me she wanted to speak with me. That is just not something she tells me very often, as far as this summer has gone. So, I took that offer. I started by leading her by the tail. I just used a pinch of hairs and taught her that if I tapped on her butt, she should back up faster. She did not really have to learn it, she just read my intent and knew what it would mean. After a few of those and having her go further back than I have before (we went 10+ feet), I did a lot of friendly game itching her butt, standing and doing nothing, etc for about 3 minutes. Then I started playing with driving from zone 5. Now that Misty understands lead by the tail, I want to start pursuing another big goal of driving by the tail. I worked on the teaching phase of having her follow the feel of me pulling her tail to the side. Eventually, that will be how I steer. She had opposition reflex at first, and I quit when she yielded with only a little support from my carrot stick tapping her hip. Next, I had to make sure that she understood how to go forward, so I....will finish later

I have to go to sleep because I am falling asleep right now, but I will make a quick list of what I need to elaborate on:
driving at liberty from zone 5-getting over her confusion of whether to go forwards or backwards
sideways to me
talking with my mom
side stepping away from her and drawing her to me that way (completely passive)
going to the gear on the fence, I thought she would see it all and want to leave, but she stood just fine while I put the nat hack on
when I got on, put food behind my back so she would put her head down, her back up, and feel happy.
played with lateral flexion, indirect, and direct reins all without reins
Figure 8 at the walk--attempting precision

Canter, many


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