Friday, August 20, 2010


Horses are the sigh at the end of my day. When I get home from work at 7:40 p.m. after being there since 7:30 a.m., all I want to do is go to bed after a shower. I think about going to the farm and know I will be glad once I get there and that I will be practically new again after I have begun to catch a horse. Knowing that is what gets me there when I am this tired. I know I can't really get any rest unless I get some of the stress out of my body and mind; I know that horses are the big sigh that comes after a difficult day.

Misty, 45 minutes, evening, 8-20-10
Blu, 15 minutes, evening 8-20-10

Misty was by the water trough in the South Pasture. Blu was in the North Pasture. He saw me, wish-washed in his mind, and ambled away. I think that he did not want to do another Misty/Blu session. That is ok. I took it as honest feedback and continued on to go play with Misty. Misty came right to me and I gave her a cookie. She put her head right through when I held up the halter, but she took a couple steps back with a tucked/evasive nose instead of sticking her nose through the nose piece, too. I waited for her to stop backing and reapproached. This time, she put her nose in and also put it in the nose piece. I tied up the halter and sat by her front legs for a moment, feeding her cookies.

I am not sure what we did, next, but I know that the reason for the title of this blog that I was particularly impressed upon by Blu's sigh at the end. We had rounded up the horses and I was at the back gate, shutting it. The gate was shut, but I waited by the gate for Blu to relax. I sighed and then he sighed with me. That sigh was very important to me. Yes Blu was relaxed, but also, just for how things were going in my life, I liked to focus on the little thing of having Blu relax at the gate. Later, that night, when I named this post, I realized that the whole night had been one big sigh for me.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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