Friday, August 13, 2010


Official Records Information:
Misty, 30 minutes, afternoon, 8-13-10

I was honestly planning on having a session with both Blu and Misty after I got out of work, but when I got out, IT WAS DARK!

I did run down to the farm between shifts to do something with a horse for 30 minutes. Well, I decided to have my 30 minutes be catching Misty and then taking her out to graze. Everything was going great--she came towards me when I whistled, she did not try to leave when I haltered her, at liberty before haltering her she did leading by the tail way better than she did during my lesson with Meggie, she got sweet feed while I fly sprayed her, I used the purpose of backing her out the gate to get lead by the tail backwards with only 10 hairs in my fingers--and right at that point, when Misty was out of the gate, Connor cantered her over. *EXPLITIVE!* There is a bittersweet bush growing on the fence and it is really tall, so I did not even see it coming. I sighed--everyone was fine--and shut the gate. Then I took Misty behind the barn to graze, as planned, but Connor was following us. I waited until he did not feel in trouble--you could tell he felt like he was in trouble--before I even looked at him. He just wanted some grass! I played with Misty a little bit, just a yo yo, so he would feel completely ignored. Then I approached him, gave him some sweet feed, and went back to Misty to play with the yo-yo. I repeated that and progressed it to rubbing him with the line that was attached to Misty, and then to catching him with it. I let them graze some more before putting Connor away. Then I took Misty to the breezeway door, set the line on the screen door handle, and checked the time inside. It was already 4 minutes past when I was supposed to be on the road headed for work, so I hustled Misty back to the pasture, said good bye, changed my pants, zoomed off in the Barnkat. The Connor thing was not planned, of course, but it was a good puzzle to solve. All I know is that there are no sirens going off when horse gets loose on my farm.

I am going to repeat today two more times, so hopefully I will actually have time for a session before Monday--my blessed day off.

Note to self, go to the white cupboard dry erase note to see the note to self about what exactly you did with Misty up until you caught her.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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