Monday, August 16, 2010

Terrified for Loss of Limb

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When my mom got home from work, we loaded up the horses and headed off to a park to go trail riding. Good news: Connor went into the trailer confidently and on the first send. Also, no one bribed him in. It was very lovely.

I played with Blu on the 12' line before getting on him and heading off on the trail. He was very good.

On the trail, he did not want to lead. When he was behind, he wanted to bite the rump in front of him, though. I had the rider in front of me swish him. When he was getting close. Once, when we were traveling two abreast, Ginger bit him in the ear when he was getting to close to her face. Then she kicked him in the jowl when he was invading her rump space later. He is fine, but he did not invade Ginger's space anymore!

Two pheasants flew up and my 12 year old sister fell from her horse and was trampled. Blu was excellent for the spook, and so was I. I did not get tight. I just let him go and then slowly bent him to a stop. It all happened fast, but I remember that I was very relaxed. He was calm and quiet while I checked Ellie and my mom, who had also fallen off. Maggie was fine and held Blu for me while I helped the others. Once we assessed the situation, it was decided that she would ride her horse the rest of the trail and my mom would lead her horse as well as have my little sister use her reins. Her leg was stepped on and badly scraped. She was a real trooper, though. She was not against getting back on, which I made sure to check, as I was prepared to carry her home myself. Hoosier did not have anymore problems on the way home, thank God.

I made light of the situation on the rest of the ride and we all had fun, regardless of my little sister's injury and the traumatic experience that it was for all of us. However, I hope that my family learned something about some things tonight.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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  1. That's not good to hear! At least you still had an enjoyable ride though....

    ~Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central


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