Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loose Horse!!!!!!!!!!

You might get a kick out of this:
Blu escapes from the back pasture where the horses get good grazing, so he is not allowed to be back there until we get the fence fixed. Right now it is two strips of electric tape wire on T-posts, so he just walks right through it. None of the other horses care. Well, my mom wanted him to go out and we would just keep an eye on him...that turned into "he'll be fine for 30 minutes while we move the raccoon."
When I got to the back, sure enough, Blu was not in the pasture. Sigh. I walked toward him and he looked up and began power walking to me. Then he saw the other horses were going up to the front, and walked to the fence and stopped like "How am I supposed to go with them?" He did not fuss though; there was grass to be had by the fence! I stood on the lower wire and lifted the other one and he just looked up and said "actually, I am fine right here." I waited a few minutes before I reached down and put my hand under his jaw and aimed him. He went right under, no rush. There are only so many horses out there who are like that, and Blu is one of them. He brings me such joy when he does things like that. It's also nice that he does not have any qualms about being caught. The 6 or 7 times he got out before we decided to leave him up front, the neighbors would walk right up to him and put him in his pasture. The first time, he told me a story of getting his man-helpers gathered around and devising a plan to drive him up to a corner and then grab him. They went to commence the plan with one guy shooing Blu. Blu walked up to him and began frisking the guy as he was trying shoo Blu to the proposed place of capture .

That is my story for the night. No end of the summer session. Just a pleasant thing.

I also stood around with Misty doing treat stretches. She liked that and was really good at thinking her way to getting the one between her two front legs.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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