Monday, March 22, 2010

Dave Calls this an "Eventful Time"

I got suspended from work for being indirectly involved with an incident (I did absolutely nothing, but I know someone who was involved and for the "safety of all the employees, I am to stay away from the clinic"), my brother got a divorce, and I buried my beloved degu (who had been in the freezer until the ground thawed, but seeing his box and putting him in the earth raised up all the emotions from his death...Now when I get ice cream, Douglas' box won't be there ). All of this happened on Friday, and the week leading up to it was tumultuous.

I am ok, though . Why? Because I have gotten all better. Last week, I played with my horses a lot (unfortunately, I have hardly documented them!). I made lists and checked things off. I cleaned my room on the snowy Saturday (after a week of high 60's, it SNOWED and we had coverage for all of 36 hours...then back to 60's. This is Michigan, but it's not the Denver where it was 72 one day then 3 feet of snow the next, so, I am not complaining.) I just felt the feelings and let them go instead of just feeling like a sinking rock in the ocean (or some other deep analogy--no pun intended)

I am just feeling more like myself again. I am so glad to be out of it. Maybe I should move somewhere that is not climatically set up for failure...

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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