Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am such a tease.

Official Records Information:
Misty/Connor, 3-27-10, afternoon, 1 hour

Well, I did not play with Misty at all. I played with her pasture mate, Connor. 5x she came up to me and got scratches and did some liberty and then left. I decided she did not feel like playing, and as opposed to making her uncomfortable until she decided I was the person to be with, I went and got another horse! Connor was happy to play. I worked on his HQ yields in the circling game and his confidence with the carrot stick. He went over a see-saw (he is a PercheronX, and I was so afraid it would break while he had his weight displaced over both ends!) for the first time ever. He was super confident, which is awesome. I rode him and, as always, he goes where you want at the speed you want, nice and easy. He has perfect impulsion. It is so relaxing. His back up was stiff and heavy, so Bridget will need to work on that, but otherwise, he is a joy to ride. We went grazing, and right about then, Misty turned green with jealousy. I am now deciding whether or not to go out and play with Misty or to leave it to next time...WWPPD?

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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