Sunday, March 28, 2010

Parting the Red Sea

Official Records Information
Misty 30 minutes afternoon/evening 3-28-10

Bridget and Connor accomplished so much this afternoon, I am proud of them. AND while she was warming him up, I played with Misty at liberty in the pasture with the ball and the obstacles. She really gets into that ball! She pins her ears chases after it and then will suddenly stop and say "cookie?" I should get pictures and video records of it . I changed focus and asked her to stand on the pedestal. She did one foot and kind of unconfidently looked away, so I took several steps back and then she looked at me and got right on . Then I ran backwards and she trotted to me, but her ears were back so I lifted my hands to have her back up. But I guess my fingers were in the position I usually have them in when I ask her to sidepass to me because she stopped, changed the look and began sidepassing to me . I looked at my fingers and put them in position again with more intention and began backing up and she did it again . I felt like Moses parting the Red Sea! My first sideways to me at liberty, and it was not even in the plans!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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