Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dawn, At Last, after a Long, Long Dark

Today I had my first good session since I have been feeling extremely "off" to say the least.

I will cut straight to the chase: I worked on the 12' line (my 22' is in the wash and I was not going to do 45' in the mud) with Misty. She did not immediately approach me and I had to spend some time attracting her to me (not by yielding her, just being interesting).

I went slow and relaxed a lot, which was easy to do since it was SO warm and sunny out. I waded through the foot deep draining pool/pond and she came with me after some checking out--I was happy with her effort. We walked to a set up of barrels and I was playing the yoyo game with her straddling a ground pole between her right and left legs and she did it perfectly without me fiddling around trying to get her to understand what I was thinking--like she saw what would be the reasonable thing to do. Then I lifted my right, and she thought for a moment, and then went sideways, carefully stepping over the ground poles. After she came in, I yoyoed her out again and was more clear about pointing so she knew to start circling...and the good stuff kept coming. Later I stepped onto a barrel and she sidepassed to me before I even asked.

The main point was that she was trying to jump the moon for me today (relative to what I was expecting since it has been so long since I had a good length session with a good mood...I was so impressed by Misty's attitude as I had expected something more along the lines of constantly not cooperating, wanting to leave, etc. I guess that is just what you get when you underestimate yourself and your horse

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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