Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wow, I am so mad at myself!

I have not logged a ton of hours. I have a note-to-self to log January 22, but I have NO IDEA what Misty and I did! I will brush it off, though. I can't make this an OCD thing...So this post is an update on what has been going on. I would estimate that I have put about 16 hours on Misty and Blu collectively, but who the heck knows?!

I will start with yesterday, for which I can make an official record:
Official Records Information:
3 hours
Goals- build a playground and play with Misty on it using my giant imagination! Make it fun and cause her to want to meet me at the fence saying "what are we doing today, mom?"

I built a round pen using the plain, white sliding curtain rods that look like canes and are SO UGLY. Then I used binder twine to add fence lines between the rods. It was very nice and easy. I nearly broke my back carrying a door that has treads on it to become a ramp/see-saw. I put it over a tarp so that it was a see-saw on a tarp. I also had a tree limb with binder twine on it to be pulled around, and then there was the giant tire pedestal that is always there. Misty was investigating things while I set up.

Catching Misty was not so bad. She was very connected right off the bat and it did not take long to attract her to me. I rubbed her all over with the halter and lead, giving her ample chance to decide to leave; but she stayed right where she was and cooperatively put the halter on. I was so happy. It was not as good as it has been before, but it is improving from the dip we had when I was depressed.

On the 12' line, I took her to the homemade round pen. I don't remember what we did on the way, but she was great going in. I started by putting my ringed 23' line on around her flank

circle at liberty-change of direction
cow game
quiet time
beginning of bowing

on 23' line outside round pen
dragged me to the ramp to check it out
sideways, circling, squeeze
jumped the entire ramp set up
pedestal did not get all 4 on
flying lead changes
drive from behind - not comfortable

She stood 100% as I mounted!
flying lead changes after an initial fit of exuberance! Flying! Easy!!

Err...sorry kids, I just had a lapse in motivation or something and I have lost a marginal amount of blogworthy material.

I will get over this, though.

EDIT: Look! I found this post that I made in the Official Savvy Club Forum about this particular session. Good save:
"EVERYBODY!! I got my job back, and the person who has been abusing dogs, the rules, and the other employees was fired!!!! After I got the news, I went outside and played with Misty and it so awesome. I built a round pen out of curtain rods and binder twine and we did the circling game with a flank rope and 12' line, I got my brand new Parelli knock-off 23' line dirty, Misty jumped confidently over a 1' high 6' long jump (ok, it was actually a tarp with a see-saw on it and she decided it would be easier to jump it from a standstill than walk over it ). I rode her and got every flying lead change I asked for...I just had a great day with her. Then, in the evening, I played with Blu and he was so exuberant and excitable, but by the time we were done, we were at liberty in the giant pasture and he was helping me carry all the ropes and the round pen back up to the front. Yay! "

And another post:

"today, I have yet to go out and play with Misty, but I set up another playground and played with Blu this morning. I noticed he was especially clingy and snuggly; he kept coming up to me and putting his face in my arms aww, so cute! I spent the session working on his confidence and looking a better expression. I would say I had great success because after quiet time at the end of the session, he was totally chill and confident again.

I am going back out to play with Misty, now. All the horses have had an afternoon snack of hay and I had a chicken waffle for lunch. I need to get that patented because it was delicious! My sister wouldn't touch it, but I know in my heart how yummy it was... . "

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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