Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am such a good tease that it worked.

Official Records Information:
Misty, 3-27-10, evening, 1 hour 30 minutes

I would like to share what I did with Misty tonight, real quick. I did end up going out and playing with her. I was eating an apple on the way out and she was watching me. I ignored her and went to Blu who was waiting at the gate for me. When he saw the apple, he nickered and tried to get closer. I gave him half the core and Misty had enough of that and came up to get the other half. She was much better about staying while I haltered her. I could feel that she was not 100% wanting to stay (probably at 10% reserve of wanting to leave), but she stood while I walked around her and while I opened the halter.

Then, I got a call from Bridget, who works at a salon and has hardly had anytime to play with Connor. She was coming! I was so glad because I still had the playground set up and I knew she would enjoy using/playing on it. I took Misty out to graze and put on a jacket because it was freezing!

When Britney got back, I went back into the pasture and, after gabbing for a minute, we went out to play. My warmup consisted of getting Misty to a point where she was a bit more emotionally collected so she could be physically collected enough to not fall over while cantering (she slipped a few times), and then testing her "Yes, Ma'am" and want-to by putting a pair of barrels on end and asking her to come to me from the other side yo yo style. She reared up, balanced for a moment, touched her toes on the top of the barrels, lifted up again, backed up, and came down I was kind of expecting her to either kick them over or just walk around them. I gave her a cookie and laid the barrels down. She jumped those almost before I asked her .

Later, I let Misty go and played with Connor on line at the trot so Bridget could work on her independent seat without having to steer.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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