Thursday, January 13, 2011

Geometry with Parelli--I Speak Math

We played with our small circles, again. I did lots of transitions to get his weight back on his booty and slowly shortened the line. We got to 12’ before I called it a night, and he was not struggling like a fish out of water, either. That is about 3 feet less than we were able to achieve the other night—that’s a six foot change in diameter, which is great progress in my book. In the beginning, Blu showed some nice slack in the rope. Did some changes of direction in the beginning, too. Also, tonight we did the right lead.

(Liberty, 15 mins) I took the halter off and gave Blu permission to eat. I did TTouches across his back and down his legs. The back will help to relax him and release any tension as well as aid in cellular memory. I did "rainbows" down his legs and "dots" on his hooves for coordination and awareness. Should probably do that before, huh? I gave Blu two chances to choose to come with me. The first time, I needed to yield his HQ with a look when he looked up and went back to the grass. The second time, he looked at me, looked at the grass, then followed me :D all the way to the barn. I sat with him in the barn aisle for a while before going into the house.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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